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The Lindsay Cultural Arts Council



The Lindsay Cultural Arts Council is a nonprofit 501c3 corporation receiving tax-exempt status in 1999.

The current home of the Council is the historic Mason House, located at 147 N. Gale Hill, Lindsay, CA, next door to the affiliated Lindsay Museum and Gallery.

Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Lindsay Cultural Arts Council (LCAC) is to encourage, enhance, and provide opportunities for cultural arts, humanities, and historical preservation.  It is the mission of the corporation to increase public awareness of, appreciation, involvement, and education in these arts in Lindsay and surrounding communities.

The functions of the Arts Council include, but are not limited to, acting as an umbrella unit for existing or emerging arts and historical organizations interested in working together, and overseeing, maintaining and operating the Lindsay Museum and Gallery.



LCAC was formed in 1995 under the leadership of its first President, Gayle Johnson, and with close ties to and support from the City of Lindsay and the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce.  Mrs. Johnson was prominent in the Lindsay Art Association (LAA), as well as a director of the Tulare-Kings Regional Arts Council.  Other members included Josie Figueroa, Vice-President, Kim Clark, Secretary, and Anita Vance, Treasurer.  Besides the LAA, community organizations represented included the Lindsay Community Theater, Friends of the Library, and Lindsay High School Music and Art Departments.  Primary interests of the group centered on furthering the development of a city murals program, and seeking funding and a location for an Arts Center to display the LAA collection and feature other arts and education programs.  A historical committee, chaired by Diana Pettus, was also formed and sought a permanent home for Lindsay historical memorabilia. 

The mural program flourished first, under the guidance of then City Manager Bill Drennen.  Many high quality, historically themed murals were funded and painted on Lindsay walls as public art.

Efforts to create an Arts Center and Historical Museum were slower coming to fruition.  Under President Peggy Sanders, numerous building sites were explored, and efforts centered for a time on a complex which would share space with a new Lindsay library.  The lobby of the Mt. Whitney Hotel, then being transformed into senior housing, was seriously considered for an historical museum.  In the meantime, in 2002, the organization opened a Lindsay Gallery in the strip mall on Hermosa St. and began holding regular shows.

Pamela Ingoldsby Kimball became President in 2004.  Under her leadership LCAC sought for and acquired a long term lease on the city-owned Mason House, along with the promise of an additional lease on the old library building once the new library was built.  Three board members were primarily responsible for the funding which allowed for the restoration work on these two historic buildings:  Norman Ingoldsby, Robert Tienken, and Don Bessey.  Many others contributed both financially and with their labors.  An Eagle Scout project transformed upstairs space into historical storage rooms. The Mason House became a gallery for regular art shows and a launching pad for a museum until the old library opened its doors as the Lindsay Museum and Gallery in the Lindsay Centennial year of 2010. 



Board meetings are held every first Tuesday of the month, at noon, in the Mason House.

The Lindsay Cultural Arts Council holds an Annual Dinner/Night at the Museum for members and the interested public around the first of October each year. The 2017 Annual Dinner and Program is scheduled for Saturday, September 30th.

A St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser dinner is held at the Museum each year.

Art Shows curated by the Lindsay Art Association and supported by LCAC are regularly rotated, and include the annual Orange Blossom Art Show, with a Queen’s Reception the night before the annual parade.  The “Dia De Los Muertos” or Day of the Dead cultural celebration takes place each fall, with school class tours offered.  Approximately once a year the significant Collection of the Art Association is on display.

LCAC supports the Lindsay Forum gatherings held in the Museum four to six times a year.

Student tours are always welcome and may be scheduled by calling the Museum at 562-7168 or sending an email to lindsaymuseumandgallery@gmail.com 


Goals and Intentions

The Lindsay Cultural Arts Council continues to seek and provide funding for the maintenance and operation of the Lindsay Museum and Gallery, for the benefit of local residents and visitors.

The Arts Council seeks to prepare and place historical plaques as needed in the community.

The Arts Council has undertaken a project to restore and display the historical and artistically significant photographic work of renowned Tulare County photographer Eschol Hammonds.

The Cultural Arts Council is committed to the placement of a downtown mural recognizing the importance and impact of the olive industry in Lindsay.


Board Members

The Lindsay Cultural Arts Council actively seeks new board members supportive of our mission and purpose.  Interested individuals may contact the Museum by phone or email, or call President Pam Kimball at 559/562-1027.